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"Track visitors, contractors, staff and assets across your workplace with Zapio’s simple Visitor Management System in Dubai."

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Making Visitor Management Easy- ZapioVMS

Our Visitor Management System in Dubai is web-based software that will revolutionize the way your organization manages visitors, contractors and staff on a single site or on multiple sites across the country and around the world.
Zapio’s Visitor Management System takes the hassle away from your current manual system and puts control back into the hands of your organization; ensuring you can meet your compliance obligations around visitor, contractor and staff safety, evacuations and asset protection.
ZapioVMS saves time and money by making the front desk one of the most efficient points in your company.

An Efficient Solution to Manage Visitors

ZapioVMS is visitor management software that provides end-to-end automation of the visitor registration process including, sign-in, onboarding, and sign-out. The days of paper visitor sign-in books, which are time-consuming, unreliable and very rarely completed correctly are gone. The Zapio’s visitor management kiosk improves the efficiency of reception staff by allowing visitors to check-in themselves.
Zapio’s Visitor Management System in Dubai powers productivity and efficiency by speeding up the guest check in process. It is the most ethical and impressive way to welcome your visitors.

Get a wide range of features

Leave a powerful impression on your visitors with ZapioVMS innovative features.

  1. Tablet Check-in
  2. ZapioVMS has a free App for iPad/Android which syncs to your account to check in visitors, contractors and staff. Print badges, capture visitor photos, check-in deliveries and sign NDA’s all in one easy to set up system.

  3. Web Dashboard
  4. ZapioVMS’s easy to use web dashboard allows your team to view live activity, customize your set up, send messages and run reports from any browser

  5. Multi Lingual
  6. ZapioVMS’s interface supports multiple languages on our Sign in App. Want to have multiple languages loaded and let the visitor decide which to use during registration?

  7. SMS and email notifications
  8. Zapio’s Visitor Management System sends automatic visitor notifications to the host through: txt and email

Efficient and Applicable for Every Sector in UAE

Create a great first impression by providing a smooth visitor experience with smart office technology. Visitor Management System in Dubai is a reception and lobby management system that improves the security of your office and workplace by automatically managing the arrival and departure of all visitors. It will ensure visitor registration is completed correctly and the employee they are visiting is notified of their arrival.

  1. Self-Serve Kiosks
  2. Visitors are able to complete the entire sign-in process with little to no employee assistance with our Visitor Management System in Dubai.

  3. ID Scanning
  4. Visitor Management System gives support for all government-issued ID scanning such as passports, Emirates ID and driver’s licenses.

  5. Instantly Print Badges
  6. Improve security at site and instantly print badges automatically when a visitor or contractor arrives. Easy plug and play set up; start printing within minutes.

  1. Real-time Host Notification
  2. Send visitors and hosts a friendly text or email reminder before their visit, at check in and at check out.

  3. Visitor facial recognition
  4. You can be sure you’re capturing an accurate photo for security and / or badge purposes.

  5. Regular Visitors
  6. Allow your regular visitors to make fast sign-in using their email address/Phone Number and bypass reentry data filled in the past.

  7. Emergency Evacuation Support
  8. In the case of an emergency Visitor Management System will support your office in achieving a safe and compliant evacuation

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