Employee Feedback App in UAE

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Employee Feedback App in UAE

CSAT Surveys

Customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys are used to understand your customer's satisfaction levels with your organization's products, services, or experiences

NPS Survey

Net Promoter or Net Promoter Score is a management tool that can be used to gauge the loyalty of a firm's customer relationships.

Employee Survey

wowfeedback surveys your employees, analyses their feedback, and provides you with the insights you need to improve your business in real-time.

Employee Feedback App in UAE

Online Survey tool for Employee Feedbacks

Employees are the engine of a company, the latter stands and falls with employee motivation, efficiency, and productivity. There is no value in a great customer base if the employees do not follow. Thus, it is essential to make sure employees are appreciated, motivated and their wellbeing is taken care of. Hence, the core mission is to find out how your employees score on these different yet equally important dimensions. A great way to achieve this is by simply asking them. Our employee feedback app in Dubai offers you a tool to create a questionnaire for your employees which is simple and effective way to analyze employee satisfaction.

Empower, Engage, and Understand Employees

Employee experience is not a monthly, quarterly, or annual exercise, it is a continuous process. It involves gauging employee sentiment, using their passion and allowing them to create impact. Measure the satisfaction of your employees with short questionnaires. Increase motivation with an employee suggestion panel for new ideas. Using a comfortable participant management system, the survey can be carried out 100% anonymously. On average, 85% of the workforce is not actively engaged. Disengaged employees are unhappier, less productive, and more likely to leave your company.

Meaningful Employee Surveys in Minutes

Create your own custom surveys in addition to your automated wowfeedbacks surveys, use a variety of question types, sophisticated branching logic, translate surveys into multilanguage languages and apply custom branding. Our employee feedback app in Dubai helps you uncover your greatest asset – your employee’s ideas. Through our platform, create a space where ideas can be shared easily, discussed openly, and remove the silos in your business. Our platform allows your business to understand and measure employee sentiment and their experiences. Empower your employees to provide feedback, capture customer feedback, share ideas, and become brand advocates.

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Employee Feedback App in UAE

Employee Feedback Matters

Whether you are a human resource professional, a manager, or a business owner, you want your employees to be happy at work. You want a workforce that is productive and is not looking to abandon ship. You want employees that contribute to your long-term growth and for this you need to achieve maximum employee satisfaction. Our employee feedback app in Dubai helps you to track how satisfied employees are with the job, the workplace, their manager, and the company. Capturing employee feedback at various touchpoint can help you identify the pinpoints of the employees and take corrective actions to increase satisfaction.

Benefit from Highly engaged Employees

• Improved employee engagement
Build better engagement and grow happiness across your teams.

• Increased productivity
Engaged employees are happy, feeling a sense of purpose and contributing meaningful work.

• Positive company culture
Create a culture that embraces open communication and respect.

• Reduced employee turnover
Higher engagement reduces employee turnover and a better employer brand attracts new talent.

• Improved morale
Asking for feedback improves morale and team sentiment.

• Better teamwork
Peer recognition builds respect and improves team cohesion.

• Grow revenue
A 10% increase in engagement means up to 6% in revenue growth.

Improve your Workplace Culture Today

The wowfeedback’s employee feedback app platform brings employee benefits, wellbeing, feedback, and recognition together, helping you create the ultimate employee experience – at work and in life. When people are happy, they give more to their work. Investing in the employee experience creates happier, more motivated workforces. Reports on your organization's state of employee engagement can be easily shared via email or exported. Customize reports for different stakeholders, like management, HR department, or all employees.
A Dubai designed and operated solution, our local experience allows us to understand and tailor our solutions for your needs.

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