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Track Employee, contractors, staff and assets across your workplace with Zapio’s simple Employee Management Software in Dubai

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ZapioVMS - #1 Employee Management Software

Visitor Management

Welcomes guests with our Visitor management software efficiently, promptly, and professionally it sets the immediate tone for customer Experience

Employee Management

Our Employee management software provides you with an accurate picture of who is at work or in the building, with a real-time employee dashboard

Evacuation Management

Nothing is more important than the safety of everyone on site. With Zapio evacuation management app, no one is left behind.

ZapioVMS - #1 Employee Management Software

Protect your People, Assets, and Buildings

Our all-encompassing visitor management solution is the ultimate digital employee "check-in and check-out", that takes care of all staff movements no matter how many entries or exit points your business may have. It only takes a few seconds – your staff simply swipe ID card with QR code to sign in and sign out. For added security, you can even set it to snap a photo of the person as they do it. The Employee management software admin gets complete oversight of all employee movements and can easily export daily, weekly, or monthly reports.

Record Employee Movements

• Get accurate visibility
Our Employee management software provides you with an accurate picture of who is at work or in the building, with a real-time employee dashboard and ability to view historical reports.

• Safe and Secure Team
In addition to knowing employee check-in & checkout status, our ZapioVMS is also an advanced visitor management system. Great for workplace security and site safety.

• Gain business efficiency
Increase efficiency at your front desk by going paperless and streamlining the visitor management process through automation. Employee management software is seamless, intuitive, and easy to use.

On & Off-Site Tracking

Employees can check-in and out of a site multiple way, including by a receptionist, a Kiosk, or our mobile application. When an employee checks in or check out, the evacuation list in employee management software is automatically updated. Should an emergency occur, you can verify the safety of anyone on or off-site quickly and easily in real time. Employees that regularly travel between locations can be given access to multiple locations. This allows for seamless access to the sites that they are visiting.

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ZapioVMS - #1 Employee Management Software

Lone Worker Tracking

Track employees working alone so their security and safety is never compromised. Whether you have people working after hours, off-site alone, or in isolated areas on-site, zapio’s employee management software in Dubai can help to keep them safe. Receive alerts when lone workers are overdue back on-site or have not signed out by a specified time. You can set up alerts and notifications for almost anything in ZapioVMS. Use them to keep track of on and off-site employee movements, lone workers, employee access rights, qualification expiry and training records. You can set up a Watchlist to notify you when ex-employees or competitors attempt to sign in.

Contractor & Event Management

Record attendance of your contractors by date, time, and duration onsite. Pre-enroll regular contractors and issue cards with QR Code for easy Check in / checkout out. All attendance is including in real time reporting. Create multiple functions or events days, weeks or even months in advance. On the day of the function, attendees simply scan QR Code and check in. Managing the health and safety of your contractors, visitors, staff, employees and more has never been easier. Knowing where all people visiting your sites across the country are has never been more important.

Zapio is your Contractor Management Partner

We know how much time you can end up spending chasing up contractors the old way. You know, manually checking spreadsheets and entering data to keep on top of your compliance duties. We are here to partner with your business and help you automate all that work you have been spending hours on. Owned and operated here in UAE, we have a team of specialist consultants to help you customize and implement employee or contract management software that will save your business time and money. And ensure you remain up to date with all your contractor management obligations.

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