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In UAE, it is estimated that there are more Android devices in use compared to iOS devices. Therefore if you have an app idea, you should consider deploying that as an Android app as well.


Since its inception the iPhone app market has always been incredibly profitable. But, to be successful, it's needed that you should have the right app, the right functionality and the right rollout with the right team


Our mobile application developers in UAE only work using the latest methodologies and technologies. Most of our apps end up in the trending page on app stores immediately after we launch them.

We develop high-performing hybrid apps

Cross Platform (Hybrid) Apps

Hybrid mobile or Cross platform mobile applications are a combination of Native and Web applications. Hybrid mobile applications are typically web applications that are hosted inside a ‘native container’ or ‘shell’ that utilises the mobile platforms Web View. This can be thought of as web content being displayed in a full screen web browser without any other controls being displayed that are available on any standard web browser. This allows Hybrid app development to access all the built-in features of the device including the Camera, Phonebook, GPS etc.

Wearable Application Development

We are familiar with all latest techs used in custom app development for wearables running on iOS and Android in Dubai. Once developed a custom app for wearables you will constantly expand the range of devices through which you can communicate with your clients as more and more wearable companies entering the industry and releasing their products every month. We stay on the edge and apply latest wearable technologies to get the most out of smartwatch app development projects. As a wearable custom app development company in UAE, we are familiar with a wide range of wrist sensors and movement trackers.

On-Demand Service App

Our team has already built a number of on-demand service apps for web, iOS and Android using such technologies as Native PHP, Java, Swift, JS. So not only do we have a vast experience in completing this kind of projects, but we’ve also developed a huge code base of ready-made modules and custom app development solutions for them. A specific feature-set of your custom app development will depend on the types of services it’s focused on, as well as your expectations and requirements. Yet, some basic functionality is common for most on-demand service apps

Sample of recent designs

Mobile App Development in UAE

Custom Solution in Result!

• Our business analysts may help you define features that will make your custom app development different from what’s already offered

• We will develop a custom app architecture that will meet your specific business needs

• You’ll get an exclusive and trendy application design

• The unique functionality of your custom app will be developed from scratch

• Your on-demand service app will be maintainable, scalable and extensible

Result-Driven Approach

What is the biggest difference between a Big Hit App and a Useless App? The major difference is to reach as many users in the world as possible. To achieve this goal hybrid app development is introduced as an advance platform to develop custom mobile apps for different operating systems. Faster & cheaper app development is possible with Hybrid App Development by using the same core code for the different platform. To provide the same user experience to all users, all platforms released new features for hybrid app development at the same time.

Is Mobile App Development So Expensive?

App development is not only about the app. If you want something more complex than a calculator or a book reader, you also need a backend part with a server and a database, as well as API used for communicating with them. Good and usable UI is simply an industry standard and can’t be ignored if you want to be taken seriously and, naturally, it adds up to the total smartphone application development cost. Partnering with a cross platform app development company in Dubai in an outsource model is an attractive and innovative approach that successful companies are using. You save a lot by working with outsourced mobile app development companies like Zapio Technologies who has extensive experience in custom app development Dubai.

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