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Mobile Applications


In UAE, it is estimated that there are more Android devices in use compared to iOS devices. Therefore if you have an app idea, you should consider deploying that as an Android app as well.


Since its inception the iPhone app market has always been incredibly profitable. But, to be successful, it's needed that you should have the right app, the right functionality and the right rollout with the right team


Cross-platform mobile app development has emerged as an alternative to the comparatively expensive native app development. Understand the uniqueness of each cross-platform mobile app framework, so we utilize it to reduce costs, efforts, and complexity of a mobile app.


Mobile Apps are programs developed to work specifically on mobile phone and tablets. Apps are generally small, individual software units with limited function. This use of software has been popularized by Apple Inc. and App Store, which sells thousands of applications for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Each app provides limited and isolated functionality such as a game, calculator or mobile Web browsing. Today the average person spends more time on their mobile digital devices than they do in any other devices, this is one of the reason for the popularity of mobile apps in Dubai


With the rise of mobile phone and tablet usage in Dubai, apps are becoming the norm of how most people spend their time online. While most people think that mobile apps are only useful for big name brands like Etisalat or Du, this is not the case. More and more businesses are following the mobile trend in Dubai and understanding that a solid mobile strategy should rely on more than just a mobile-friendly site. From the beauty salons to the coffee shop in the corner, these businesses understand that giving their customers this kind of option open the doors to more returning business while simultaneously exposing them to new clients.


Currently 77% of the world’s population are online. There are more mobile devices in the world than the total number of computers and television units combined, meaning your business needs a mobile presence to stay connected with your customers.

Be Accessible All Times

Having an app on their phone will allow your customer to see information about your business at any time – sometimes even if they are not connected to the internet at that moment!

Direct Marketing

Mobile apps have an amazing benefit. People that have downloaded your app are demonstrating that they are involved in your company already, allowing you a channel for your marketing effort directly to prospective clients thru push notifications.

Cultivate Loyality

Having your app on their phone will give your customers the ability to have you literally at their fingertips. This can definitely make it easier for them to reconnect to you in the future.

Instantly Connected

Having your app handy can give your customer the ability to connect instantly with you. Be it making an appointment or selling a product they can now do it with their finger.


App development is not only about the app. If you want something more complex than a calculator or a book reader, you also need a backend part with a server and a database, as well as API used for communicating with them. Good and usable UI is simply an industry standard and can’t be ignored if you want to be taken seriously and, naturally, it adds up to the total smartphone application development cost. Partnering with a mobile app development company in Dubai in an outsource model is an attractive and innovative approach that successful companies are using. You save a lot by working with outsourced mobile app development companies like Zapio Technologies who has extensive experience in Mobile app development Dubai.

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