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The Best HRMS Software in Dubai

Whether you manage shift workers at a shop or full-time staff at a large company, HR and Payroll Solution saves you time, money and effort. No wonder it’s the most popular HR & Payroll software in Dubai and support service for SMEs in UAE.
Whether you have a hundred employees or thousands, operate in the UAE or worldwide, you’ll find Zapio's cloud based HR & Payroll Solution is built to flex to fit your needs and put you in control. You’ll benefit from a host of smart features that streamline and improve every aspect of HRMS and Payroll in Dubai, saving time, connecting and engaging employees and delivering the insight your organization needs.
As your business grows, HRMS becomes more of a priority. Whether you’re hiring your first employee or expanding your headcount quickly, it’s extremely important you have the right HR & Payroll Solution in place.

Why Zapio HRMS Software in Dubai?

Zapio's HR & Payrol Software brings your vision into fully customized web based HR & Payroll Solution in Dubai. Zapio's HR and Payroll Software aim’s to achieve a personal touch and complete client satisfaction on each and every HRMS and Payroll software packages especially relevant to UAE.
With our vast experience and knowledge about the domain we have been able to serve the needs to so far 15 diverse organizations and we are continuously expanding by handling the current complex UAE's HRMS and Paroll software demand. Most importantly, it’s a web-based Affordable HR & Paroll Solutionpacked full of clever technology without the hefty price tag.

HR and Payroll Software - Core Features

From improving employee engagement to increasing efficiencies and reducing costs, our single integrated Cloud HR & Payroll Software platform has you covered.

  1. Employee Onboarding
  2. Zapio's HR and payroll Solution in UAE provides a completely customizable and paperless employee onboarding system.

  3. Time and Attendance
  4. Using online time and attendance tools including tablet, POS and mobile, Payroll Software in Dubai deliver live and accurate visibility of your workforce together with real time cost.

  5. Document Library
  6. Upload, store, organize and distribute company documents like policies, templates, forms and company-wide communications from a central location, easily accessed via the employee portal and employee self-service application in HR and Payroll Software.

  7. Leave management
  8. With HRMS end to end capability, leave and unavailability is fully managed from request and approval through to employee scheduling, time and attendance, and flows seamlessly through to payroll. No forms, no data entry, no cross referring and fully compliance with UAE law

Hundreds of SME's love using ZAPIO's HR and Payroll Software in UAE

Let's face it, business software is annoying. Most products are designed for huge companies which means you end up paying for a million features that you don't want. Even worse, you'd need your own personal IT team just to get everything set up correctly. That's why we made Zapio HR and Payroll Software specifically for UAE. HRMS in Dubai was designed from the ground up specifically for small businesses, so it's affordable, easy to understand, and, well, less annoying.

  1. Simple, Flexible, Scalable.
  2. Designed for businesses of all sizes from start-ups to Corporates. Our HR and Payroll software in Dubai is scalable and configurable, from plug-and-play to tailored solutions. Easy to setup, simple to use, tailor the parts you want to suit the way you operate. Use only the features you need right now, knowing the platform has the power to keep up with you no matter how far or fast you scale.

  3. Goodbye paperwork.
  4. Eliminate your reliance on paper-based processes, cardboard folders and dusty filing cabinets. Accelerate your workflows through our HR and Payroll Software in Dubai. Access and update records anytime, anywhere, on any device. Easily store employee information for the seven years-after-termination required by Fair Work.

  1. Clean and Powerful.
  2. Zapio’s clean and deceptively-simple interface lurks the most powerful HRMS and Payroll software solution on the UAE market. Our designing principle was to keep the interface minimalist and intuitive, to put our energy and innovation into function, flexibility and features: into engineering a system where every detail is designed specifically for the unique needs of UAE businesses. That’s because UAE workplace law is the most complex in the world – as harsh and hard to navigate as the Outback. So we built the software-equivalent of a well-equipped, supercharged 4x4, to take you places others can’t.

  3. Designed, engineered and supported in UAE.
  4. Built from the ground up for UAE workplaces and UAE laws. With an intuitive interface, and local, 24/7, telephone support with an average answer time under 30 seconds, you’ll never be stuck wading through user-manuals or wanting to know how to do something.

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