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Pricing is one of the most important factors in choosing any software, especially HRMS (human resource management systems). Some vendors provide transparent pricing information on their sites, while others prefer to provide a specialized quote, as a company’s requirements for software tend to vary.

 HR Payroll Software in Dubai  What Is an HRMS?

A Human Resources Management System (HRMS) is a type of information system (IS) that is designed to manage an organization’s computerized and automated human resource (HR) processes. It is a combination of hardware and software resources that hosts and provides most, if not all, of a HR department’s business logic.

A HRMS is deployed on an application server that provides in-house and/or remote access to all authorized personnel. As part of a standalone or enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, a HRMS depends on HR management software, which is integrated with HR-specific business processes and features that give HR staff members the ability to perform routine operations, such as employee records management, payroll, attendance management, and performance evaluations. Each feature may be available as part of the primary HRMS or added as software modules/components.

In most environments, a HRMS is integrated and connected with other supporting systems, such as time tracking, attendance, finance/accounts and administration.

Employee records – This key module is the centralized employee database that include names, addresses, roles, salary, date of hire and additional personnel information. Most solutions now support employee self-service, where employees can create their own profiles that link to their personnel information, access pay history, enroll in benefit plans or request time off. Another key feature is the organizational chart that shows the manager/employee reporting structure.

Payroll management A payroll module records and tracks employee wages/salaries, deductions, taxes and direct deposit information. Administrators can also print off payroll stubs and send payroll stubs electronically to employees.

Time and attendance With this module, managers track employee attendance and hours, especially overtime. Some of its features include time sheets, time clocks and biometric logon/logoff. Certain solutions even allow employees to clock in and out via the Web or a mobile device.

Benefits administration Administrators can track employee benefits, such as insurance, 401(k)s, vacation/sick time and FMLA in this module. It also records employee information such as date of hire, marital status, number of dependents, and number of vacation/sick hours to comply with insurance, tax audits and other regulations.

Recruiting/onboarding This module allows recruiters, HR and hiring managers to track and manage candidate information (such as resumes and applications) and the interview process. Onboarding refers to the tasks associated with a new employee’s first week on the job (e.g., new-hire paperwork). Note that some vendors may include both recruiting and onboarding in one module or separate them into two modules.

Talent management The talent management module combines various features that help companies measure their employee engagement, development and performance. Typical features include performance management, compensation management, goal management, succession planning and learning management. Some vendors have a talent management module, while others may offer standalone features.

HRMS DubaiHRMS Vendor Pricing

We’ve compared pricing for some of the popular HRMS solutions. Note that a majority of vendors in the market don’t publicly provide pricing details, so you’ll need to contact them directly for a quote.

BambooHR – BambooHR starts at $6.19 per employee per month for the Essentials package and $8.25 per employee per month for the Advantage package. The Essentials package includes HR management, employee self-service, mobile app, email support and a Customer Success webinar library. In addition to the features of the Essentials package, the Advantage package includes hiring and onboarding features, phone support, application integration, company branding and advanced reporting.

BambooHR provides discount pricing based on company size. Clients can optionally add on performance management or time tracking modules at an additional price.

BizMerlinHR – BizMerlinHR’s pricing structure is broken down by number of users. A business with one to 10 users can expect to pay a flat fee of $29 per month, while a business with 11-100 employees will pay $8 per employee per month. (So, a business with 50 employees will pay $349 per month.) Companies with over 2,000 employees can contact BizMerlinHR directly for a price quote. Companies get two months for free if they choose to pay annually.

CakeHR – Companies can purchase the specific modules they need with CakeHR. For example, the leave management module starts at $4.20 per employee per month ($6 if billed monthly). For companies that purchase all of the modules together, the price starts at $13.20 per employee per month ($18.90 if billed annually). There are no additional fees and clients can cancel at any point.

CEIPAL WorkForce – CEIPAL offers a monthly subscription pricing structure based on the number of employees. For example, a company with 10 employee will pay $81 per month while a company with 150 employees can expect to pay $333 per month. Note that the price is based on annual billing.

GoCo – GoCo has two pricing tiers: Complete HR and Premium HR. The Complete HR tier is priced $6 per employee per month, plus the $29 base fee. It includes many of GoCo’s features, such as hiring/onboarding, document management, reporting, time-off functionality and customer support. The Premium HR tier costs $10 per employee per month, plus the $29 base fee. It includes organizational charts, unlimited custom fields, unlimited Magic Docs templates and advanced time-off features.

GoCo’s add-on services are the payroll auto sync ($3 per employee per month), ACA form filings ($6 per form) and benefits administration (contact vendor for a quote).

HR Cloud – Pricing starts at $6 per employee per month. Companies can elect to purchase any of the individual modules (People, Recruit, Onboard, Workmates) separately or all together.

Oracle HCM Cloud – Each module is priced separately. For example, the Global HR module costs $13 per employee per month for a minimum of 1,000 employees. The Global HR subscription also includes additional Oracle HCM Cloud modules: workforce rewards, workforce management and the My Competitions feature of the Work Life solution. However, a few features within these modules will be a separate cost.

PeopleStrategy – PeopleStrategy follows a per-employee per-month pricing model, plus a one-time implementation fee. Prices range from $10 to $21 per employee per month depending on the modules purchased and other employer details.

PurelyHR – PurelyHR’s pricing depends on the add-ons selected and the number of users subscribed. For companies with five employees, the subscription can be purchased for $30 per month ($25 for the Time-Off module and $5 for staff license) or $27 per month if paid annually. The Time-Off module fee increases as staff size grows in increments of 10 users (1-10 users is $30, 11-20 users is $45, etc., up to 150 users, where each new user costs an additional $0.75). Base prices for adding integrated modules for up to 10 users are $2 for Warnings and $15 each for Time-Clock and Time-Sheet.

SentricWorkforce – Prices start at $2.50 per check and $2 per employee per month. SentricWorkforce provides a personalized quote that includes additional pricing details.

SutiHR – SutiHR starts at $4 per user per month, which includes employee records, self-service, mobile access and reporting functionality. The prices for additional modules include recruiting/onboarding at $2 per user per month, performance management at $1.50 per user per month and time management at $1.50 per user per month.

Zenefits – Zenefits offers three levels of pricing: Essentials ($10 per employee per month), Growth ($18 per employee per month) and Zen ($27 per employee per month. Customers can be billed monthly or yearly.

Zenefits provides add-on options, such as payroll ($6 per employee per month), benefits ($5 per employee per month) and advisory services ($10 per employee per month).

HR Software UAEBottom Line

Many of the vendors listed here follow the per-employee per-month pricing strategy. However, some of them use pricing tiers that consists of specific features. The key is to decide what modules or features are required, and take into account any additional features or services that come at an extra cost. You’ll also want to find out if the plan requires a signed contract or if it’s pay-as-you-go and can be cancelled without any penalties.

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