5 Ecommerce must Do for UAE Businesses


In this article, we will present a basic guideline outlining the best practices for UAE ecommerce businesses. There are many financial, managerial and legal aspects that become visible only after your business is up and running. Managing a successful online business requires a lot more than great ideas and reliable infrastructure.

Basic business best practices

The basic best practices for UAE business owners are set by fair trading legislation. Though you are certainly familiar with these, we will go through the main points here:

  • Never mislead or deceive your consumers. You should not misrepresent any information about your goods or services. For example, you should never provide incorrect information regarding the place of origin or condition (new vs used) of your products.
  • Make sure your consumers face no substantial difficulty in the payment processor while receiving the goods or service that they have purchased.
  • The products detail you provide on your website must be accurate and properly represent your products. For example, if you mention that the socks you are selling are 100% pure cotton, they need to be 100% cotton.

Advertising guidelines

There are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that your ads are consumer friendly and follow all the necessary regulations.ecommerce website in dubai

  • The first thing that you should keep in mind is your ads must be clearly distinguishable from other contents of your site. For example, your customer review section should remain independent and free of self-promotion.
  • Don’t make any false claims related to your products. Make sure you are able to back up any claim or information that appears in your ads. Providing misleading information in your ads will demote your brand image and may even lead to legal issues.

Interaction with minors

Anyone below the age of 16 years old is considered a minor. Your ecommerce website may have visitors who fall into this age group. If your site especially targets this age group then you need to take some extra care.

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Children are not usually entitled to any legal capacity to enter into a contract. Your site must verify the age of your consumers before any business transaction or contract is initiated. Take reasonable steps to ensure paying consumer is over 16. If they are not, then you should take additional steps to seek the consent of a guardian or parent, who can perform the transaction.

Presentation of required information

For any ecommerce business, it is required that the following information be easily accessible to consumers:

  • Your business name, address and contact information. This makes it clear who owns the website and the business, and which parties are involved in a transaction performed on the site.
  • Make sure all the contract terms related to purchase are clear and easily accessible. Your site must include detailed information regarding the price of your products and related costs to help consumers make informed decisions.
  • Before entering into a transaction, a customer should be able to review the details of the total cost. Upon payment, she should receive a copy of this information.
  • The transaction terms and conditions need to be separately presented before the transaction takes place.
  • On the checkout stage, the final price that is displayed should be all-inclusive. That means the delivery and service charges need to be included in the final figure.
  • Before a consumer closes a contract with your online business (such as buying a product or subscription) let them review and edit the ordered items. In other words, there must be an additional step before the final purchase is made. For an ecommerce website, this means giving your consumers the option to edit their carts and asking for confirmation before the transaction.

Basic security and authentication requirements

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One of the most important parts of your ecommerce security revolves around the payment method. It’s your duty to set up a reliable and secure payment mechanism for your online store. Educate your customers by providing information regarding the authentication and security, if necessary. For example, you can discourage them from sending sensitive information (like account password) via email. Your customers should have access to all the necessary details to assess any risks (associated with using your site) up to a reasonable level.Remember that you must bear your part of responsibility if any loss occurs to any of your customers due to your site’s authentication or security failures.

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